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Breakthrough Coaching 

six Weekly – Coaching sessions

Do not let life and situations overpower you – stop you – stunt you. It takes one call – one session for you to feel the impact of my unique and powerful approach for you start to have clarity and peace of heart and mind. Knowing who you are unquestionably – opens your heart, mind and entire life.

“Gamileh has been the best person I’ve ever worked with healing on more levels than I ever imagined. She is wonderful in holding space free of judgment for you to blossom in your best development ever.” – David 

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One-on-One sessions

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What to expect 

I’ve seen the incredible transformations that can happen when you commit to your healing journey. You’ll discover a sense of clarity and purpose you never knew was possible. You’ll feel more grounded and at peace with yourself and the world. Most importantly, you’ll be able to break free from the negative patterns holding you back and live the life you truly deserve. You live and love life in a new way. Whiether at work or life, what blocked from progressng just seems to start to open up. 

Six Weekly Sessions Steps

  • Step 1- Request a free 30-minute discovery call
  • Step 2- Weekly sessions scheduled
  • Step 3- Breaking through the challenge starts – we will dive deep into the challenge by identifying the emotional and life storyline behind the challenge. With each session feel a deeper connection to your inner truth.

Cost of Six Weekly Sessions – $1200






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